Grub Control

     White grubs hatch from the eggs of various types of beetles, such as Japanese beetles. They live underground and feed on grass roots depriving the plants of water and nutrients. 

      White grub damage appears as thinning and browning sections of turf which will usually show up in late summer or fall. Often, the turf can be rolled up like a carpet because most of the roots have been severed. A few grubs in the lawn may not cause significant damage, however large numbers in concentrated areas can kill the turfgrass.

      Some signs of a potential grub problem are:

  • Discoloration of turf
  • The presence of skunks, raccoons, moles or flocks of birds. Animals can cause extensive damage to the lawn feeding on grubs.
  • Turf feels loose or spongy when walking on it.

     If you suspect grubs in your lawn or have any questions regarding grubs, give us a call. 

     If grubs are an issue in your lawn we do offer a grub curative that we can put on the lawn to help with the  

     Season-long protection against grub damage is available by a single application of grub preventative anytime between June and mid August. Treatment will never control every grub in the lawn but we do guarantee to keep grub populations below a damaging level. *Results may vary on the thatch level of the lawn.

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How Can You Tell If You have Grubs In My Lawn

Knowing if you have grubs is not as hard as you think!

     Grubs are one of the worst problems you can have in your lawn because grub problems can spread rapidly and before you have time to deal with them its too late. In fact most of the problem is caused from animals that dig in the yard that eat the grubs that can wreak the most havoc.

     If your lawn is looking thick and healthy you don't have bare or brown spots, you most likely don't have a grub problem. 

     If you are seeing brown areas and the lawn is being dug up, just kneel down and try to peel back some of the turf. If it comes up very easy like a carpet that has not been stapled to the floor, then you most likely have grubs. 

      If you have a grub problem it is best to call us @ (814)796-1111 as soon as possible