Snow Mold

Snow Mold

Snow molds appear during cold wet periods around the time of snow melt. Gray snow mold appears in roughly circular, bleached patches up to 2 feet in diameter. Grass is often matted and surrounded by a white to gray fluffy halo of fungus. While unsightly, it rarely kills the turf. Infestations are worse after long, deep, compacted snow cover.

Pink snow molds appear similar to gray ones but have a pinkish cast. They do not require heavy snow cover and may kill turf.

To help prevent snow mold:

Continue to mow turf in fall as it grows. Cut down to 2 inches on last mowing.

Avoid excessive amounts of nitrogen that may fuel succulent growth.

Avoid compacting snow on top of turf during winter.

Lightly fluff up matted areas in spring with rake to help  speed recovery. 

Fungicide Treatment

TeamTurf is now offering fungicide applications to help reduce snow mold in your lawn next spring. With our fungicide treatment prior to the first lasting snow fall, in conjunction with proper cultural practices should minimize the damage caused by snow mold next spring. For best results a second application can be made during the winter months in the event of a snow melt.

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